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Algebra 2 Honors Syllabus

Algebra II Advanced Functions Honors 2017-2018
Mrs. Hongerholt           Office: E219           

     2 graph paper
notebooks, pencils, pens, graphing calculator (TI83 or TI84 or plus), covered textbook, ruler/straight edge

Expectations:  Be SAFE, be RESPECTFUL, be RESPONSIBLE!

Students are expected to come to class ready to learn, be respectful, engaged and to strive for excellence. 

  • Am I ready to learn?
  • Am I making a positive contribution?
  • Am I doing the right thing?
  • Am I doing all I can, using resources, and taking advantage of opportunities?
  • Am I doing my personal best?

Attendance: (see Century’s attendance policy for more details) 

  • Students are to be in their chair when the tone sounds, with materials, or you will be marked tardy.
  • You are expected to ask for assignments in advance for pre-excused absences such as field trips, sports, appointments, and vacations for completion upon return. You will be expected to have homework completed and complete tests and quizzes upon your return from school functions as scheduled.

Grading Policy:

  • Daily assignments and notes: You are expected to complete daily assignments and take discussion notes with examples.
  • Tests: Each unit will be tested. Tests will be graded for correctness as well as work shown. Calculators will not always be allowed on tests.
  • Quizzes: Periodic quizzes or homework checks will be given unannounced to check for understanding.


                 Semester Grade – 85% quarter grades, 15% Final Exam

                 Grading Scale:
                        A  90 - 100%      

                        B  80 – 89%
                        C  70 - 79%
    D  60 – 69%

    • Extra Credit: NO EXTRA CREDIT will be given with the exception of possible bonus challenge questions on a test.
    • Retake Tests: NO retake tests will be offered in honors math classes.

    Homework, Notes & Homework Checks:

    • Homework reinforces new concepts, prepares students for upcoming lessons, evaluates student progress, teaches organization and time management, and is a vital part of the learning experience.
    • Homework will generally be assigned on a daily basis and due the following day.
    • Students may have time in class to start assignments but are expected to complete the assignment by the next class period. Class time is for working on math homework as time allows.
    • Notes will be collected and graded at the completion of each chapter. Points will be given for completeness.
    • One notebook is for daily notes. Notes need section number, processes, rules, steps, and examples.
    • One notebook is for daily homework. Homework needs to be completed daily, corrected, and scored. Rework problems incorrect or ask for help during the next class period.
    • Points for homework will be awarded through regular, unannounced homework checks.
    • Parents may participate in their student’s educational experience by using the school website for assignments and check notebooks for completed notes and assignments.


    • TI83, TI83+, or TI84 are recommended. No TI89 or Inspire will be allowed during testing and can be exchanged for a TI83 for the test.
    • Please engrave your personal calculator to identify it if lost and found.
    • All calculators must be cleared of all programs and reset before and after class when allowed to use on a test. Game programs use a great amount of memory which may prevent accurate calculations and are not to be played in class.

    Cell Phones:

              Cell phones will need to be on silent and in the backpack before entering the classroom. Cell phones may be used, with permission, at the end of the class period if necessary for class related circumstances. 

    Math Department

    Academic Integrity/ Cheating Policy

    I value academic integrity very highly and do not permit any form of dishonesty or deceptions that may unfairly or improperly enhance a students’ grade.

    Examples of cheating in my class:

    • Copying homework
    • Looking at another students test/quiz
    • Discussing quiz or test questions during or outside of class
    • Using calculator or note when they are not allowed
    • Using a cell phone or other electronic device to exchange information
    • Missing class in an attempt not to take a test or quiz

    Consequences of cheating:

    • Score of zero on the assignment/test/quiz
    • Administration will be notified and follow up with any administrative consequences
    • If you are involved in an extra-curricular activity your advisor will be notified(including national honor society)




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