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Math analysis/math analysis honors: Notes
ACT practice 1 pre-algebra.docx
ACT practice 2 linear algebra.docx
ACT practice 3 algebra.docx
ACT practice #4 geometry 1.docx
ACT Quiz #1 pre-algebra.docx
ACT Quiz# 2 linear algebra.docx
ACT Quiz #3 algebra.docx
ACT Quiz 4 geometry part 1.docx
act video link what to expect
act strategies video link
trig review may 1.pdf
MAH Final no calc computation practice B.pdf

MAR Practice Test for Final Day 1 Solutions.pdf
MARPractice Test for Final Day 2 Solutions.pdf
final sem 2 worked out
sem 2 rvw answers
Sem 2 final exam Review no rotate MAH 2017.pdf

Using derivative rules 2017.pdf
basic derivatives and chain rule soln.pdf
unit 12 assignment sheet
12.3 and 12.4 review .pdf
 chain rule algebraic solns.pdf
12 extra derivative of cosine video
12 extra chain rule and product rule video
12 extra chain rule basic video
12.5 definite integral using limits 2 video
12.5 definite integral using limits 1 video
12.5 right vs left reimann sums video
12.5 area under a curve simple right reimann sum video
12.4 derivative product and quotient rule video
12.4 extreme value theorem video
12.4 the derivative and the power rule video
12.3 avg and instantaneous velocity video
12.3 Slope of a tangent instantaneous rate of change video
12.2 symmetric difference quotient video
12.2 limits direct sub,cancelling,rationalizing video
12.1 one sided limits video
12.1 limits by table or graph video
solns mah ws review of rational functions 12.1.pdf
mca practice solutions
unit 10 practice test solns
unit 10 seq & series practice test
10.6 log of a negative number video
10.6 converting complex #s to exponential form video
10.6 deriving Eulers formula video
10.6 more rational function power series video
unit 10 assignment sheet
10.6 intro to power series of rational functions and interval of convergence video
10.5 binomial expansion pascals tr and binomial thm video
10.3 sum of geometric sequences series video
10.3 intro to geometric sequences video
10.2 quadratic sequences using matrices video
10.2 arithmetic sequences intro video
10.1 convergent and divergent sequences video
10.1 summ of a sequence series video
10.1 sequnces and series intro video
unit 9 practice test solns polar coord system
9.5 solving eqn with complex roots video
9.5 finding roots of complex numbers video
9.5 demoivres thm powers of polar complex numbers video
9.5 mult and div of complex numbers in polar video
9.5 polar eq of complex numbers video
Polar eq practice test unit 9
9.4 polar rect eq of conics more advanced video
9.4 polar equations of conics video
9.2 symmetry zeros and max r values video
9.3 more advanced polar eqn converting video
9.3 converting rect polar equations video
9.3 converting rectangular polar coordinate video
9.1 distance in polar coord system video
9.1 points in polar coord system video
8.5 solution to 6 trig equations
MAH chapter 8practice test 2017.pdf
MAH unit 8 vectors practice test solutions 2017.pdf
8.5 cross product of two vectors video
8.5 cofactor expansion of matrices video
8.3 dot product and angle between vectors video
trig rvw solns 2-20.pdf
Trigonometry Review 2-20.pdf
trig review 2-19 solns.pdf
Trigonometry Review 2-19.pdf
8.1 and 8.2 airplane vector problem video
8.1 and 8.2 intro to vectors explained video
unit 8 assignments vectors
unit 7 practice test soln.pdf
MAH practice test ch 7 2017.docx
Conic Section Cheat Sheet-0.pdf
writing eqn of hyperbola given asymptote video
7.2 analyzing an ellipse mpg video
7.2 analyzing an ellipse video
7.1 eqn of a tangent to a parabola video mpeg
Problem 7.1 #47 video
assignment sheet unit 7 conics
7.1 writing eqn tangent to parabola video
7.1 writing eqn of parabola vidoe
7.1 analyze a parabola video
  partial fractions ws solutions.pdf
partial fractions ws soln 7,8,9.pdf
MAH 1st Semester final review 2 column format 2017.pdf
 MAH sem 1 final rvw solns.pdf           
MAH Final no calc computation practice B.pdf          
5.3 ws solns
 MAR 5.3 to 5.5 practice test solutionspdf
unit 5 practice solns 2016.pdf
Practice Test for Chapter 5 2016.pdf
5.5 solving eqns with double angle formula video
5.5 half and double angles video
5.4 sum and difference video
5.4 and 5.5 WS solutions
5.4 5.5,5.3 worksheet
MAR 5.1 and 5.2 practice test solutions.pdf
5.2 verifying identities video
5.3 solving trig eqns video 2
5.3 solving trig eqns video
5,3 worked out solutions
5.2 solns up through 24.pdf 
5.1 39,41-45,56-59 worked out
5.1 problems 25-36 worked out
5.1 pyth identity ws
5.1 WS 3 Simp Rewriting sine cosine GCF.pdf
5.1 WS 4 simplifying trig with fractions .docx
5.1 ws 2 solutions pyth ident.pdf
5.1 ws simplifying by factoring2.pdf
5.1 using trig identities to evaluate trig functions video.wmv
5.1 simplifying fractions trig WS solns.pdf

unit 4 assignment sheet
MAR Final review .pdf
MARsem1 final rev answers.pdf
4.6 compositions of inverse trig fncts video
4.6 inverse trig functions and their restrictions video
 MAR practice test unit 4.4 and 4.5 solutions graphing trig.pdf
4.5 grphing tan and cot video
4.5 graph ws solutions .pdf
4.5 smart answers for tan cot graphs.pdf
graphing trig functions in degrees solutions.pdf
4.5 graphing secant csc video
MA unit circle blank practice quiz II w trig .pdf    
MApractice unit circle quiz solutions.pdf         
4.4 graphing sin cos phase shift etc. video
4.4 graphing sin and cosine amp/period video

4,4 sine and cosine graphing WS solutions.pdf
4.1-4.3 smart review problems.pdf
4.1-4.3 smart review solutions.pdf
4.3 negative angle identities explained video
4.3 exact values of trig functions given one value
4.2 Coterminal angles video
4.2 centrifuge problem angular speed video
4.2 converting angular speed video
4.2 radian and degree discussion video
4.1-4.3 unit circle coord explained video
4.1-4.3 unit circle degrees video
4.1-4.3 unit circle radians explained video
unit circle blank
MAR practest test unit 3 solutions.pdf
MAR  Practice Test Chapter 3 (3.1-3.4) 2016.pdf
MAH Practice test ch 3 .pdf
MAH practice test solutions unit 3.pdf                   
3.4 solving exponentials w different bases video
3.4 solving an exponential in quad form video
3.4 solving a logisitc equation video
3.4 solving a log and exp equation video

3.2 inverse of log&exp video
3.3 expanding loartithms video
3.3 condensing logs video
3.2 analyzing a log function video
3.1 triple an investment video
unit 3.1exponential growth decay problem video
Unit 3 exponentials and logs assignment sheet
2.6 solving a rational inequality video
2.5 slant or oblique asymptotes video
MAH unit 2 Practice test solutions.pdf
MAH Unit 2 Practice Test Powers roots and rationals
2.5 asymptotes and intercepts of rational functions video
MAR Practice Test - Chapter 2.1-2.4 Solutions.pdf          
MARPractice Test - Chapter 2.1-2.4 .pdf
2.4 finding zeros of polynomial with given zero video
2.4 writing a polynomial with given zeros video
2.4 rational zero test video
2.1 solving radical on both sides video
2.1 solving radical inequal video
2.2 multiplicity of a zero video

   2.3long division degree greater than 2.wmvvideo
2.3 long and synthetic division video
  MAH ch 2 assignments .docx

MAR practice solns 1.4,1.6, 1.7, 2016,2017.pdf
MAR Practice Test Chapter 1.4, 1.6, 1.7 2016 2017.docx                     
MAH practice test 1 solutions2016 2017.pdf
 MAR Practice Test 1.1-1.3, 1.5 Solutions.pdf         
1.6 inverses finding and verifying video_x264.mp4
int value thm location principal video
end behavior for rational functions video
continuity test and types of discontinuity video.wmv
MAH ch 1 assignments 2017.docx
  MAR ch 1 assignments 2017.docx
MAHpractice test unit 1
MARPractice Test Chapter 1.1-1.3, 1.5 .docx           
graph of a piecewise function video
evaluating piecewise functions video
unit circl and trig identities
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