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Algebra 2 notes/videos
4.6 graphing and absolute value of complex numbers video.wmv
4.6 operations with complex numbers video.wmv
4.8 the discriminant and quadratic formula video.wmv
4.9 graphing a system of quadratic inequalities.wmv
4.9 solving quadratic inequalities algebraically video.wmv
4.6-4.9 review.wmv
5.2 monomials, polynomials and synthetic substitution video.wmv
5.2 end behavior of polynomial video.wmv
5.2 graph polys on calc min max zeros.wmv
5.4Long division and synthetic division of polynomials.wmv
5.4using the factor theorem video.wmv
5.4long division degree greater than 2.wmv
5.6 rational zero test.wmv
5.7 fund thm alg repeated zeros video.wmv
5.7 finding repeated and complex zeros video.wmv
5.7 finding a polynomial with given zeros video.wmv
​​5.8 analyzing polynomial graphs video.wmv
alg 2 review for unit 5 no calc video.wmv
3.5 and 3.6 matrix operations mult add etc video.wmv
alg 2 qtr final rvw solns.pdf
6.4 inveses finding and verifying video.wmv
5.9 regression and finite differences video.wmv
3.8 calculator inverses and matrix equations video.wmv
3.8 Identity and 2x2 inverse matrix formula.wmv
unit review ch 3 ch 4 ch5 calc review video first.wmv
unit review ch 3 ch 4 ch 5 calc review video 2nd.wmv
unit 6 smart review pdf version.pdf
unit 6 review( no graph) video.wmv
6.6 solving radical and fracional power equations video.wmv
6.5 graphing square and cube roots video.wmv
7.5 log props condense and expand video.wmv
7.6 part 1 solving exponential eqs video.wmv
7.6 part 2 solving a log eqn video.wmv
7.7 part 1 finding an exponential model video.wmv
7.7 part 2 finding a power model video.wmv
unit 7 review #1 ws solutions.pdf
unit 7 smart review solutions.pdf
unit 7 review WS solns.pdf
unit 8.1 through 8.4 review part 1 video.wmv
unit 8.1 through 8.4 review part 2 video.wmv
unit 8.1-8.4 review pdf.pdf
pdf of smart review 8.5 and 8.6.pdf
pdf of 10.4 notes on smart board.pdf
10.6 probaility and binomial distribution histogram video.wmv
unit 10.5 dependent and independent events video.wmv
alg 2 unit 10 practice test solutions revised.pdf
Quarter 3 Review Algebra II 2015.docx
Algebra2Quarter3Final review 2014-15.pdf
Review for qtr 3 final solutions.pdf
unit 12convergent and divergent sequences video.wmv
unit 12 Sequences and series intro video.wmv
unit 12 Arithmetic Sequences intro video.wmv
unit 12 intro to geometric sequence video.wmv
unit 12 sum of a sequence finite and infinite video.wmv
unit 12 sum of geometric series and seq video.wmv
Alg II H review unit 12 short (fixed).docx
alg2 unit 12 review solns.pdf
alg 2 9.3A graphing eq of circle center 0,0 video.wmv
Unit 9 review 9.1 distance midpoint video.wmv
Unit 9 review 9.1-9.5 writing eq of conics video.wmv
Unit 9 review 9.1-9.5 graphing eq of conics video.wmv
9.1 through 9.5 smart review.pdf
9.6 9.7 eccentricty rvw for test.pdf
review for trig sheet 13.1 may 1 2015 video.wmv
alg 2 test 13 review.pdf
alg 2 final review topics probs.pdf

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