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Lesson #1 - Image File Types

File Types Handout: File Types.docx <-- click to download

1. Click on the handout "File Types.docx" above to download. Open this download. Type your name in the space at the top. You will be typing your answers for this assignment and when finished, will print out your answers & turn in to Mrs. Quam.

2. Watch the video on image file types here: You will want to start answering the questions on the handout above, as some of the answers are in this video. 

3. Read the article "Image File Types Explained" by Vladimir Gendelman. You will use this article to help you complete the table on the handout.

4. Look at the 6 image examples shown side by side to compare the different file types and their level of quality. Answer questions #13 and #14 on the handout about these images.

5. Print out your completed handout and turn in to Mrs. Quam!


Lesson #2 - Jack-O-Lantern Tutorial

You will learn how to use a variety of tools & adjustments to turn an ordinary picture of a pumpkin into a glowing Jack-O-Lantern. This tutorial can help you learn how to create special effects and manipulate images in different ways.

1. Download the pumpkin .jpg above by right clicking on the image and clicking "Save Image As". Save in your graphic design folder on your U:drive. Open this image in Photoshop.

2. Click here for the link for the tutorial video for instructions on turning this pumpkin photo into a Jack-O-Lantern. Follow the instructions closely and pause/rewind as often as needed. Make sure to save a few different copies of your design while you work (for example, you may have a pumpkin1.psd, pumpkin2.psd, pumpkin3.psd). This is good practice in case a file becomes corrupted or your computer freezes.

3. When you are finished with your Jack-O-Lantern design, save the image as a .jpg (remember to change the file type when saving).

4. Upload this design to your Weebly portfolio and click "Publish" so your design can be viewed on your website.

DUE DATE: By the end of class Monday, Sept. 26th, 2016 your design must be uploaded to your Weebly portfolio.

Click here for the Jack-O-Lantern Photoshop Tutorial Video


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