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Holiday Card
Manipulated Holiday Card

Due: Dec. 22nd

What is it?: Create a holiday-themed card using your learned graphic design skills. Use manipulation to take photos or found images and make them your own. You will design the front and back of the holiday card.

What is manipulation in graphic design?
Manipulation is the use of photos, vectors, and other found images to create an original work in graphic design. For example, this art below was created using a stock image of a man eating grapes and several other images of people's scared faces. The artist manipulated the image to make it look like the grapes had faces. This is manipulation. It is not simply copying and pasting-- the artist made it look like the faces belonged there using a variety of techniques-- opacity, blending, cutting/copying, etc. The entire artwork should not look like a collage of should look like all of the used images BELONG together.

This artwork below was created using a variety of images, including the moon, santa's sleigh, woman sitting, a white tree with presents, a globe, pine trees, and an illustrated hand. All of these images put together well= manipulation!


-Think of ideas for a fun holiday-themed card

-Use at least 3 different found images or photos.

-Remember, the photos put together are not just copied and pasted. You must make it look like all of the photos together BELONG together. Use the blur, smudge, opacity tools. Use eraser, magic eraser, and brush tools as needed.

-Use the template below to design the front & back of the card

-Back of the design can be designed right-side up, but should be put upside down on the template below.

-Print your design in color to the A131 printer. To set as color, go to "printer settings", "color". Once printed, cut out the design, fold on the line on the template, and voila! You have your own holiday card that YOU designed.

-Save as a .png and upload onto your Weebly portfolio for grading.

Template: holiday card template.jpg - erase the words using the eraser tool. You can leave the fold line until you are finished and then erase that too if desired. Make sure the back of the card is designed upside down so when folded, appears right side up. :)


Bad Manipulation:

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