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Beginner Animation

Beginner Animation using Photoshop CS6

Animator vs. Animation

Project: Text Animation

You will learn the basics of creating & saving animations in Adobe Photoshop CS6. You will create a simple text animation for this lesson.


Your animation:

Using the instructions & example .gif from the video above....

  • Choose a quote or song lyric (school appropriate) to create a text animation. The quote should be at least six words long.

  • Choose different fonts (serif & sans serif) for each word of the quote or song lyric. You can go to and use the snipping tool to copy/paste different fonts into your design. This allows for more options, but takes a little more time :)

  • Each word should appear on a different frame.

  • Use blending options to make your text more interesting (outer glow, inner glow, stroke, etc.)

  • Add a background. Either a photo, solid color, drawn background, or gradient.

  • Feel free to add additional things to your animation (like drawings or copied images), as long as they are school appropriate!

  • When saving, go to "File", "Save for Web", make sure "GIF" is selected, and click "Save". Save to your U:drive.

  • Upload your animation to your Weebly portfolio

Due date: Wednesday, January 4th by the end of class

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