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Purpose: Present your designs for the advertising campaign to the class as if you were presenting to your client. Get real world feedback from peers on your designs.

Presenters: Each student must speak at least once during the presentation. Students should create the presentation together-- for example, Billy might design the first 3 slides, Sally might design another 3 slides, and George designs the last 3 slides. Try to divide the work equally.


You can create this presentation as a powerpoint, prezi, on Google slides, or as a physical presentation (posterboard).
  1.  A title with the group members names

  2. Name of your company; what your company sells

  3. Contact information about the company-- address, phone #, web address, etc.

  4. Color scheme (however you want to present this)

  5. A slide or printed example for each design created (Logo, business card, magazine ad or poster, billboard design, and packaging design). Printed designs should be printed in color.

  6. Include & explain a description of each design. Approx. 3-5 sentences for each design.

  7. Each group member must speak at least once during the presentation.

  8. Presentation should be at least 2 minutes long, but not excede 8 minutes.

  9. You will receive a group grade and an individual grade for this presentation.

  10. Send the presentation (if a powerpoint, prezi, or Google slides) to Mrs. Quam's email when finished.

  11. After your presentation, you will be given a small sheet of paper where you will be asked questions about your group members. You will evaluate your group members on their work and participation. This sheet will be confidential and used by Mrs. Quam for grading purposes.
Each student will be writing about the other student's presentations. Using the computers, your phone, or other electronics is NOT allowed during presentation. If you use an electronic, you will lose points on your own presentation grade. Be respectful!

If you are absent on the presentation day, you will present the next day you are in class. If you have extenuating circumstances, please see Mrs. Quam.
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