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Logo design
Day One

Download & print this handout: Day One Advertising Campaign.docx. Print to the A131 printer. Each student is required to complete this handout for full points. (Due Thursday, Oct. 13th)

Day Two

1. Read this article "Color & Emotion"

2. Answer the questions on this handout: Color & Emotion Handout.docx

3. Use the handout to study for the quiz. We will have a quiz on color & emotion on Monday, October 17th. 

Day Three

1. Read the six common mistakes of logo design:

2. With your team, brainstorm different logo designs by drawing them on plain drawing paper. Each team should draw at least 3 different logo design ideas (or one per person on the team) on the drawing paper. Show these to Mrs. Quam when you are done!

Keep in mind, you want your logo to be relatively simple, but not boring. If it's too busy, it will overwhelm the client's customers. If it's too boring, it will make the customers want to buy somewhere else.

3. Use the color & emotion handout to study for the quiz. We will have a quiz on color & emotion on Monday, October 17th. 

Logo Design

1. Close all other pages & Photoshop. You are not allowed to use your notes. Take the 10 question quiz here: When finished & submitted, close out of the survey.

2. After the quiz, work on your logo design for your advertising campaign. Logo design requirements:
-Each team member is required to make at least 1 logo on Photoshop (if you are working alone, you only make one!) Each logo should be different-- they can be similiar, but must be different! Different font, different colors, different layout, etc...
-At least 1000 pixels on each side-- no more than 4000 pixels on any side.
-300 dpi resolution
-Set background as transparent (checkerboard pattern in background)
-Use your chosen color scheme (hex codes on the paper)
-Use shape/line, text, & brush tools to illustrate your design. No
copy and pasting of images is allowed. All designs logo must be illustrated.
-Save as a .psd & show Mrs. Quam when you are finished. She will provide feedback and changes that need to be made (if any). Once she approves the design, save it as .png and upload to your Weebly portfolio account.

DUE: End of class, Wednesday October 26th, 2016
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